Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Other Hulk's in the Blogsphere

While my green alter-ego started this Blog, there is also Hulk's Diary that is on the Internet and he seems quite upset about "Other Hulk" - it appears he is talking this blog over at LiveJournal. As you know, it's not a good idea to get Hulk angry, and I can only imagine what would happen if two (or more) Hulk's got mad at one another. But is there more than one Hulk ... or maybe when the transformation occurs, I become a multiple personality Hulk?

I personally think Hulk's diary is pretty funny ... and if you like it, check out his $2 Red Bull PayPal donation button to help him smash bad guys. I'm a little puzzled that he says "the internet was invented in 2001" which we all know is way off ... but hey,
Big Green Monsters aren't known for their technical accuracy ... and again, who wants to argue with the Hulk!

He talks about chatting with "Mister Science Man Reed Richards ... if Other Hulk lives in a seperate dimension or something" - Dr. Richards and I have collaborated in the past (his specialty is Cosmic Rays, mine is Gamma Rays) so I'll be curious how he answers the question and I might have to give Reed a holler myself - I haven't seen his wife in a while (she seems to have a "thing" for his friend Ben), and their son her brother can be a bit of a hothead.

BTW, one more quote from that site is "Hulk also thinks you should spend time thinking about men and women who have fought for your freedom to smash things, too" and I could not agree more with that comment.

P.S. Hulk's Diary concludes by saying "IT IS TIME FOR HAMBURGERS!!!!!" and here is a Hulk'in BBQ Grill.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Car Talk Puny Humans like Hulkmobile

First, per the post below, the Big Green Guy can really tie one on - I guess he was the life of the party, although there is still a dent in my backyard grass where he dropped from the roof and slept last night - I wonder what the neighbors thought?

On a lighter note, it looks like the Car Talk Guys (Click & Clack) like the Hulkmobile. Tom & Ray are hilareous on the radio, in print, and on the web - highly recommended.

Hulk Drop Martini - ugghhh

Hulk not feel too good this morning.
Hulk go to Puny Human party last night.
Puny Humans serve Lemon Drop Martini's.
Hulk decide to make Hulk Drop Martini's.
Hulk not remember what happened after that.
Hulk wake up on back yard this morning.
Puny Humans leave picture below explaining things.

Friday, May 20, 2005

My green alter-ego is blogging?

My last memory was reading my Email in the evening and noticing that Citibank sent me a note saying there was some security issue with my bank account. I clicked on the provided link, but it said Internet Exploder required - I use Firefox, but iview makes IE one click away. So the page loaded, and then I was assulted by pop-ups and pop-unders ... followed by an IM saying "your checking account has been cleaned out - thanx sucka." I wrote back "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" but my bank balance now showed zero dollars ... and then despite my best efforts, I got mad ... and that's not a good thing.

I woke this morning and noticed my keyboard was smashed to pieces (fortunately I buy them by the gross) and realized that the Big Green Monster must have emerged. The last IM was worded "don't hurt me .... arrggggg" and while IE was gone, Firefox was still on the screen. The primary tab had (what I later learned) was the correct Citibank web page showing a bank balance $10,000 higher than what it should have been. While I was relieved at that, it was with dread that I clicked on another tab titled Hulk's Blog and it dawned on me what had happened before the keyboard was smashed. At least this time there wasn't any major property damage (my homeowner's insurance premiums are pretty hefty), except my clothes were torn again, but I buy those by the gross also.

I was about to click on the "Delete this Blog" button since I can only imagine what havoc my alter-ego could wreak on the Internet if unleashed, but then paused. I have no memory of what happens after the transformation occurs, but this blog might provide some insights into what happens - heck, I didn't think the Big Green Guy could read, much less type ... plus he SMASHED some phishers which ain't too bad! ;-)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hulk First Post!

Hulk find puny human keyboard.
Hulk decide to try blogging.
Hulk not an ugly bloggers.
Hulk make First Post.
Hulk good at SMASHING.
Hulk not so good at typing - get mad!
Hulk SMASH keyboar ...