Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Puny Human Philipp Hulk

Hulk read Puny Human Philipp's Blog
Good read, but not enough SMASHING!
He make fun of Hulk in the pool
Puny Human Philipp draw picture of Hulk.
Hulk ask what story behind picture is:
"It's not my illustration (it's by Dale Keown), but I also didn't just put a paper on top of the comic, but drew it on my own in free-style! Then guess what -- I won the first prize in a comic book shop contest, but they changed the prize award time to one hour earlier and I MISSED MY PRIZE. When I entered the comic shop all people were staring at me whispering, "is this the guy..?" and when I asked the boss what's up, he told me my prize had been given to the second winner, and I got some cheap comic book I already owned!!!!! Worst day of my life, seriously ;)"